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20:12-- Guest_2752: Lester Steriling from the Skatalites is my friend. I use to go to his house and hang with him
20:13-- Guest_2752: He told me many stories
20:13-- Apache BadIndian: pinchers cover that riddim in the track call i'm a don, little twitch devil send yuh come and many others
20:13-- Guest_2752: The tragic thing about the Skatalites is there is no original members anymore. They continue to tour without Lester.
20:14-- Guest_2752: Yes Apache BadIndian
20:14-- Guest_2752: Brigadier did a Chune called Raggamuffin on it lol
20:15-- Guest_2752: I even recorded that riddim for Papa Biggy a few years ago
20:24-- Guest_4857 heights : Bless UP , Give Thank For Life.
20:24-- Sharon: Bless Up Heights Appear Welcome
20:25-- Guest_2752: Bless up everyone! I look forward to linking again soon!
20:29-- Sharon: Great Show Eugene Gray & 10 Star General
20:31-- Sharon: 10 Star General Heigths Appear in in the building
20:31-- 10StarGeneral: Thank you all so much
20:31-- 10StarGeneral: One LOVE
20:34-- Sharon: Lol
20:35-- Apache BadIndian: SHARON this is your you a nyam out FRANK ie?
20:35-- Apache BadIndian: lol
20:35-- Sharon: It Look so Apachie
20:36-- Sharon: Lol
20:36-- Apache BadIndian: hehe
20:37-- Apache BadIndian: big riddim
20:38-- Apache BadIndian: run the sugar minot piece on thisriddim general
20:38-- Sharon: FI Real Apache BRAP  BRAP
20:39-- Apache BadIndian: i think its called bad boy possie
20:39-- 10StarGeneral: its a RADIO playlist mi bredda
20:39-- 10StarGeneral: I'm not live
20:46-- Apache BadIndian: ok cool
20:50-- Guest_sis charmaine: BLESS UP ALL UNTILL AGAIN
20:50-- Guest_sis charmaine: BLESSINGS GENERAL
20:51-- Sharon: Guidance Charmaine
20:51-- Apache BadIndian: blessings to all walk good catch you all soon
20:53-- Guest_sis charmaine: ONE LUV SENT U A MESSAGE SHARON LINK ME
20:55-- Guest_sis charmaine: HEAR BIG Chune LOL
21:06-- Sharon: Ok Charmaine
21:06-- Sharon: Yes Apache Bless
22:21-- Sharon: Walk safe Family , put God first