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12:52-- Brenda: It's a GREAT PLEASURE
12:54-- Sharon: Hallelujah Amen
12:54-- LadyGeneral: Yes Nehemiah
12:54-- 10StarNehemiah : The Gospel Heat Is Hotter Than Before
12:55-- LadyGeneral: The Gospel HEAT!!!
12:56-- 10StarNehemiah : Hallelujah
12:56-- Sharon: Amen
12:57-- 10StarNehemiah : KINGDOM RIGHTS!!!
12:58-- 10StarNehemiah : MAGNIFY THE LORD
12:58-- Zelmah: Command your Covenant Enforcement Agents (Angels) to bring to pass what we have spoken.
12:58-- LadyGeneral: Hallelujah!!
12:59-- Zelmah: God is good. Thank you for the word of God that went forth.
12:59-- 10StarNehemiah : AMEN
12:59-- Zelmah: John 16:16
13:01-- Guest_2174: bless bless blesss
13:02-- Brenda: LOVE you all
13:03-- Brenda: We were effected by Devine Intervention
13:03-- Guest_2174: bless up Lady General llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
13:04-- Guest_2174: Chune eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13:04-- Sharon: Wow Great Service
13:04-- Sharon: Chune
13:04-- Brenda: Glory
13:04-- Brenda: Beauty in EARTH
13:06-- Brenda: LATER FAMILY
13:07-- 10StarNehemiah : Later Brenda
13:07-- LadyGeneral: Have a blessed day Brenda. Thanks for tuning in
13:08-- Brenda: You 2 Susan
13:08-- Brenda: And all I need you in my life
13:16-- LadyGeneral: Good day everyone. Have a God-blessed week.
13:18-- Sharon: Yes Lady General , have a bless day sis
13:20-- Sharon: Later everyone have a wonderful afternoon and a Blessed work week
13:54-- Guest_2174: bless bless bless famalyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
14:15-- Guest_2174: brand new World come!
23:27-- Brendas WORLD blogt : Hi
23:28-- Brendas WORLD blogt : Anyone here
23:29-- Brendas WORLD blogt : LOVE from America