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17:51-- Guest_1860: OH Dear Year One Must Wait Until Next Week But Until Next Week Travel Safe And You'll Get A Double Episode
15:32-- Guest_6050: 112 USA 102 Ethiopia Ghana Tanzania Nigeria gb-flag swiss-flag swedish-flag jamaican-flag italian-flag guyana-flag german-flag canada-flag barbados-flag jamaique
19:22-- E2: OK LOL
19:53-- Sweetp: E2greetings
19:57-- Sweetp: My gramps CHUNE
20:05-- SistahRoots: Greetings sis big tune blush_
20:05-- Sweetp: Oi oi Sis blush_
20:05-- SistahRoots: baby still ah suck milk sis
20:06-- Sweetp: Lol
20:14-- Sweetp: flames flames flames flames
20:14-- Sweetp: Checking mi here still lol
20:16-- SistahRoots: your still here sis jheez if yah ever how tune baby play waan two box and kick
20:16-- Sweetp: 109
20:17-- SistahRoots: not you yah play boss tune sis mi chat bout the baby with dummy in 'im mout
20:18-- Sweetp: I know sis blush_
20:18-- SistahRoots: blush_
20:22-- Sweetp: Been a murder at carnival
20:22-- Sweetp: cha
20:26-- SistahRoots: nutting new
20:26-- Sweetp: Dat mi seh
20:29-- SistahRoots: girl or boy man or woman sis?
20:29-- Sweetp: Not sure see on fb will read later
20:57-- Sweetp: Bass tun up
20:57-- Sweetp: Ka Boom Ka Boom Ka Boom Ka Boom
22:19-- Sweetp: Sis buff love bless for da support xx
22:20-- Sweetp: blush_ 109
20:55-- Guest_5825: «link»
20:59-- Vybz nice about now : Vybz nice about now
21:53-- ToraNado: BLESS UP!!!
21:53-- Sweetp: Blessed Toranado
21:54-- Sweetp: Nuff Respect
22:00-- ToraNado: Run chunesssss!! Groovin nice
22:01-- Sweetp: Nuff Respect sis
21:12-- Guest_6181: jamaique
21:14-- Guest_6181: flames