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20:01-- Terry: LOVE Kofi
20:09-- Sharon: Chune
20:18-- Terry: WHIP
20:26-- Sharon: couple_red couple_red couple_red
20:28-- Sharon: Chune
20:36-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): I was born there
20:38-- 1ChrisHills: lots of ppl get killed tgere too
20:38-- 1ChrisHills: h
20:38-- 1ChrisHills: according to morse lol
20:39-- Terry: Niceness Chris
20:39-- Terry: WHIP
20:39-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): lol...really?
20:40-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): I was only born there because it was the nearest hospital
20:41-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): I feel you with that Chris!
20:41-- Terry: LOVE
20:41-- Terry: Nice track
20:41-- Terry: I LOVE D.B
20:51-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): M200
20:55-- Sharon: TAB123
20:58-- Terry: WHIP
20:58-- Sharon: MITFL
21:01-- Terry: LOVE
21:07-- Terry: Great show baby
21:07-- Terry: Gn Gernal
21:07-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): Wicked Wicked Wicked
21:07-- Sharon: Geat Show
21:08-- Sharon: STK STK
21:08-- Terry: LOVE. K.B
21:10-- Sharon: TAB123
21:10-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): Goodnight Chris and General Culture
21:11-- 1ChrisHills: On my way home after this song. Nite to all
21:14-- Sharon: Good Night ChrisH
21:15-- Jen (reggaewerx pr): Have a blessed night everyone.
21:15-- Sharon: Yes Jen take care sis
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