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15:06-- Sharon: PULL UP Stuck
15:06-- Sharon: YLAW
15:07-- Sharon: Ka Boom
15:08-- Sharon: Ka Boom YLAW PRAISE BERNIE
15:12-- Sharon: Chune
15:14-- Sharon: Amen
15:14-- Sharon: BERNIE
15:18-- Sharon: Take my HAND LORD
15:22-- Sharon: Chune
15:22-- Sharon: PULL UP
15:24-- Sharon: Thanks 10 Star General
15:24-- Sharon: Chune
15:25-- Sis Zelmah: Chune
15:28-- Sharon: Chune
15:28-- Sharon: Amen
15:29-- Sharon: BRAP BRAP
15:37-- Sharon: Chune
15:43-- Sharon: CHO Chune eeeeeeeeeeeeee
15:43-- Sharon: BRAP BRAP
15:43-- Sharon: Wheel
16:25-- 10StarGeneral: Ok I'm back
16:44-- Sharon: Ok Great
16:45-- Sharon: Chune
16:47-- Sharon: KUFF Chune
16:53-- Sharon: Was a Lovely Afternoon 10 Star Genera
16:53-- Sharon: Lovely Afternoon 10 Star General
16:54-- Sharon: Enjoy the VIBES Wiicked
16:55-- Sharon: Chune
16:55-- Sharon: Wicked Wicked STK STK
16:56-- Sharon: Thanks 10 Star General
16:56-- 10StarGeneral: Golden Tunes Ra dio bless up
17:00-- Sis Zelmah: Great Show Sir 10 Star General had to go away for a bit but enjoyed the music in the background. Have a blessed day everyone. God bless and keep you safe.
17:06-- Dj Derek: BLESS DAY EVERYONE
18:07-- Sharon: Yes DjDerek Blessed day mi bredda
18:08-- Sharon: Guidance Sista Zelmah